Salad Dressings

For those of you looking for a zesty and savory meal that is healthy, try our sauces.

Sauce for Sandwiches

We offer a vast variety of sauces on fresh ingredients made in house, with no preservatives. 

Zesty's® Sauces dressings was founded and built by Bill Marra in 1986. In a successful search of the best chicken recipe and preparedness, Bill created and perfected his own chicken recipe using an impeccable blend of ingredients to ensure the tastiest and richest chicken. Mr. Marra created an exclusive method of making healthy and testy ways to add to he's cooking, which sets ZESTY'S apart from our competition.  Mr. Bill Marra is an experienced chef for over thirty years and is a mentor to the rest of our team. His expertise in gourmet food and customer service guides our team to be exceptional in customer service and food preparation, bringing our customers the best overall experience.

Our Team

Our Sauces

Zesty's® Sauces dressings 's signature rubs are cooked to perfection over an open flame grill capturing every savory ingredient. With every bite comes an enjoyable and unique taste making it impossible to resist. We use Grade A local suppliers for the best results. Next, we apply our signature rub and allow the flavors to come strong and flavored to the food. All sauces are made with well organic ingredients no preservatives and at the same time seizing all flavorful juices.

Our Product 

 Zesty Sauces

   Aegean mediterranean diet with Signature to perfection

 All Natural, Organic product and never any preservatives  added!   


Tzatziki Sauce

A Greek yogurt sauce to perfection with Mediterranean spices homemade tzatziki sauce that will melt in your mouth

Marinated Sauces
Seasoned and topped with our signature rub sauce, and cooked to perfection.