Whether you're looking for a light, healthy meal with the right dressing, or want a bold steak dinner, we have something that everyone in the family will love!

      Zesty Sauces

 Zesty Sauces

   Aegean mediterranean diet with Signature to perfection

 All Natural, Organic product and never any preservatives  added!   


Our trademark, is our juicy marinade made our of fresh, bold ingredients.

Fire up the grilled chicken with our famous sauce flame to bring out the unique texture and flavors.

Zesty  Marinated Sauces

More of our products include our all natural and Organic Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, homemade Hot sauce, Tzatziki sauce, Italian dressing, Caesar dressing, Olives and Many of the Greek Herbs.

All of our products are made with quality ingredients and we emphasize the fact because our founders are passionate about contributing to health and happiness within families. They strongly believe that health is the key to a bright future, and it starts with eating healthy. We strive to encourage families and children to eat healthy, but tasty! Start with our dressing, be creative and use it as a dip for veggies, put it on your poultry dinners and anything your imagination brings you to, to add that flavor that customers love and crave. You’ll hear “This dressing is so good it’s not even funny!” from anyone that tries it, our six year old son did, and now your family members can too! Bring happiness and health to the table, and start with our dressing, you’ll notice the difference.

Zesty Salad dressings

For More tasty steak coat with our signature sauce and your steak tips will awe your taste buds. Complete your meal and add a perfected homemade side sauce.